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The IFFCMH is thrilled to introduce Courtney Lester as the new Administrative Director, effective December 6, 2004. Ms. Lester has a Master’s in Public Administration, specializing in Health Services, and a Bachelor’s in social work. She has volunteered extensively to help the mentally ill and the disabled. She has also done considerable research on children’s mental health. You’ll have a chance to become better acquainted with Ms. Lester as she begins her duties here. Welcome to Idaho and to the Idaho Federation of Families, Courtney!

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National Mental Health Survey: basis of the new public policy

This is shown by the National Health Survey and Opinion Outpost Review, which was not conducted since 2003 in the country, and which shows that the most affected population is that of adolescents (between 12 and 17 years old), among whom 12.2% present mental health alterations.

Thirteen out of every 100 respondents in this group had three or four symptoms of anxiety, and 16% had more than four symptoms of depression. Women of this age are the most affected, according to the study.

The study, which compared to the other three previously conducted, focused on aspects related to the daily life of people, states that this population group has a risk behavior for eating disorders of 9.1%, while alcohol consumption concerns , because in 5.2% it is excessive.

“The National Mental Health Survey shows a very complex environment, in which we have to put much more emphasis on prevention. If we pay attention to mental problems, it can be avoided that they lead to upheavals, “said Deputy Minister Fernando Ruíz.

On the other hand, warns the research that included the participation of Colciencias and the Universidad Javeriana that 29.3% of young people have been exposed to some potentially traumatic experience and 88.1% of them consider that the event caused them some psychological trauma.

The survey was applied to 15,351 people who, according to the Ministry, reflect the situation of the rest of Colombians; It was carried out in rural and urban areas. The reference cities were Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, Yopal and Leticia.


For the first time the research consulted the population between 7 and 11 years old and showed that 4.7% also suffer from depression, in addition to being distracted.

The most frequent disorders among Colombian children are attention deficit, separation anxiety and generalized anxiety, and as in adolescents, the affections are also more recurrent in girls.

According to the results of the survey, at least 44.7% of the child population requires a formal evaluation by a mental health professional to identify problems or possible disorders.

The document warns that 27.6% have a symptom, 10.5% have two, which are more likely to have a mental disorder, and 6.6% report three symptoms, which further increases the possibility of a serious mental disorder.

The most common symptoms among children 7 to 11 years old are abnormal language, being scared or nervous for no reason, having frequent headaches and playing little with other children.

It also shows a high presence of learning problems, mainly in mathematics and literacy.

According to the report “there is a marked problem at the level of children from 7 to 11 years, who require their intervention before a psychiatric disorder arises, and warns teachers, who are the most likely to detect this type of alerts.

11.7% of children have been subjected to some traumatic event, which indicates that Colombia is a complicated country for minors and says that of them, 46.8% have at least one symptom of post-traumatic stress, according to their caregivers

It is worth mentioning that half of the children live with their two parents, 27.4% only have the mother figure and 12.4% have not coexisted with any of the parents.


In adults, anxiety, depression and psychosis disorders predominated and the largest number of affected women persists in the female population. 9.6% of Colombians between 18 and 44 years of age claimed to suffer from mental illness.

In this age group the prevalence of conditions is higher. “One in five adults who have a mental disorder meets criteria for two or more of these in life and in the last 12 months 15 out of 100”, according to the survey, which shows that in this population alcohol consumption It is worrying

In general terms, it is indicated that there is a low proportion of people seeking services to face their mental problems. However, the survey ensures that in the issue of access to mental health, there is a great evolution of the previous study, from 5% to 48%.

The group of over 45 years does not escape anxiety and depression, because 11.2% of them say they have them; in it, women are also the most affected.

The authors of the study pointed out that factors such as unemployment, low schooling, poor access to health services and chronic diseases are directly related to mental disorders.


The Ministry of Health reported that it already has the previous documents to present the adjustment of the Mental Health Policy, which was to be presented last May, which has a component of intersectoriality, “since mental health problems respond to type factors. social, environmental and cultural, for which several sectors must work on their solution “.

This was stated Nubia Bautista, responsible for the area of ​​Mental Health of the Ministry of Health, who explained that the comprehensive model of health care is one of the main challenges within the National Development Plan, and that this will be made available to the public to build an inclusive policy.

Accordingly, he said that the previous document has a differential approach, taking into account the diverse population that Colombia has, in addition to the context, cultural variables and / or its worldview, “which will be reflected in the policy.”

He pointed out that the draft Policy will also have an orientation on the life cycle and gender, to develop actions that lead to the design of a differential model for children, adults and seniors, as well as for men and women, depending on the needs of each one.

This also contemplates the decision to transcend the therapeutic and clinical model, to a more systemic model with which the individual, in addition, is taken care of in the context of his family and the environment where he develops his life, in addition to being more preventive and with greater incidence in risk factors.

On the other hand, he commented that the 1998 policy was taken as the basis for the preparation of this one, which was not implemented in its entirety because “it lacked strategies that could be operative in the issue of mental health care, in addition to other technical inputs worked in 2006 and 2008 “.

He also said that he worked with tables and an interdisciplinary team from the National University to produce a document that serves as a basis to serve people with mental health disorders, through the methodology that will be developed this year and that will serve as the guideline in the coming years.


– For symptoms suggestive of depression, they show the highest prevalence, of 7 or more symptoms in Bogotá (5.5%), and the lowest in the Atlantic with 2.3%. For symptoms suggestive of psychosis, Bogotá (9.2%) and Eastern Region (8.7%) are the most frequent.

– Colombia is an increasingly individualistic country, given that there is a limited participation in groups, given that 53.7% do not participate from 12 to 17 years; 65.3% from 18 to 44 years old; 60.5% from 45 to 59 years old; and 60% of 60 and more years old, “said Fernando Ruíz Gómez, vice minister of Public Health and Provision of Services.

– To solve these mental problems, in all groups the primary source of help is the family, from which the greatest satisfaction is obtained in relationships, particularly in the group of 12 to 17 years old; however, this is the generator of difficulties, where the data show some degree of family dysfunction with increase in relation to age.

– Parents or caregivers perceive almost all children as very healthy mentally (excellent: 49.8%, very good, 30.8, and good, 17.8%), in people between 12 and 17 years old ( 36.6%), from 18 to 45 years (35.8%), from 45 to 59 years (30.5%) and from 60 years and more (23.8%).


La Mora will soon be adopted Z10 from another major customer company in England. Last week we reported this way as the German government has activated some 5,000 new BlackBerry smartphone Z10 and now time for a British agency. This is the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust (BSMHFT). In the past some sales figures for weeks in England for the Z10 have shown strong demand since the initial release.

Keep in mind how in England, more than 1,000 companies have registered in the BlackBerry experience forum to better understand the new Blackberry PGP platform and various business solutions and services that it is possible to provide .. Last but not least how to enable companies of all sizes to implement and manage BYOD terminals with security and furniture company.

Among the companies that are experiencing BlackBerry 10 include names such as BT, Centrica, Aviva, the cooperative group and University Hospital Birmingham. It is precisely because of this experimentation that the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust (BSMHFT) plans to equip its staff with BlackBerry smartphone 1800 Z10 .. To read the report on BlackBerry Z10 go to this address.

In this sense, he explained that work-related stress generates diseases that not only affect work but also people’s overall life, “the important thing to maintain a mental health is that a certain stability is needed,” he said.

Frequent illnesses such as depression are translated into 25 days of absence, in addition, it also implies that people go to work but that they are not functional; At the same time, he specified that panic attacks can cause a worker to lose up to 20 days a year, while for agoraphobes the estimate is between 15 and 20 days per year.

Suarez stressed the importance of destigmatizing mental illnesses and one of the challenges is to incorporate these issues in the minds of employers and workers, in line with the theme of World Mental Health Day this year will be focused on mental health in the job.

In his opportunity, the director of emotional well-being at work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Jorge Merida, explained that global organizations such as work and health make efforts to highlight the importance of generating actions that promote mental health.

5 Benefits of Having a Pet for Your Mental Health

When we choose to have a pet we surely do not do it thinking about the benefits that can bring us. However, studies are constantly published confirming that living with them helps us in various ways in all stages of existence. Today we tell you how good it is for your mental health to share your home with a pet animal .

The good thing about having a pet is …

Let’s start by listing the good things a pet gives us on a daily basis . For example:

Add the items that you think are pertinent. But in this small catalog it is possible to glimpse that, not seeing us with human eyes, animals find the key to help us become better people .

Below, we detail 5 benefits that brings to your mental health the fact of having a pet.

Having a pet brings a number of benefits, including those related to mental health: they relieve loneliness, stress and depression, stimulate social life and make us more responsible and happy beings.

1-Remove feelings of loneliness

For people who live or spend a lot of time alone, having the company of an animal makes them feel more confident and more protected.

Is that, even if they do not speak our language, pets stimulate communication and contact. It’s just a question of paying attention to them and decoding their language . Or you may reach with a good session of caresses to remove any hint of loneliness .

2-Relieve depressive states

When someone becomes depressed, they often lose the desire to relate to their environment in any of its forms. But by having a pet, you will surely take responsibility for depression . It is that animals have to feed them, walk them and a long series of etceteras.

In addition, hugging a furry friend is usually a great medicine to improve any depressive state .

3-Reduce stress

Nothing better than spending time with your pet after a day when stress overflowed . A long and relaxed walk , or a good session of games or caresses are the best antidote against this evil of our day.

So learn from your furry friend and find a moment each day to relax next to him . You will see that the results are amazing. Much better than any conventional treatment.

4-Make us more responsible

Since children, having a pet makes us more responsible people .

Knowing that another being depends on us and that, in addition to enjoying his company, we must take care of it in the best way possible, it “trains” us to exercise the responsibility in all the orders of the life .

5-Enrich social life

Info for dog owners know that the moment of the walk is ideal to meet people . New friendships can arise, find a partner or simply have a friendly conversation with a stranger.

In addition, beyond the walks, pets are always a good topic to chat at any meeting , and are even an excellent excuse to start communicating through social networks.

Having a pet makes us happier

As a way to encompass the above points, we can conclude that a pet makes us happier .

To explain this one must resort to terms that may be too “scientific”. It is that sharing a good moment with our non-human friends implies that they increase our oxytocin levels and stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine. Instead, it causes lower levels of cortisol.

This combination, in addition to helping to remove stress and depression, simply increases our feelings of happiness .

But maybe you do not have to use all this terminology to tell you what you already know. If a pet is part of your life, you are surely a happy person .

Health and Safety: How to safely use HCG diet injections?

The HCG diet plan is popular among many. This type of diet includes special injection with kit that prevent the dieter from hunger due to their low calories. Most injections are done by the dieter’s doctor but in many situations there are those who do not have the time to receive a shot from one. Kits can be provided by doctors to help people who can not see their doctor for injections. Before you do the injections yourself you should consult your doctor. It is advisable to use new needles for each injection. Once your needle has been used you should have them removed correctly. Follow these procedures to help you with your hcg diet injections:

* Use an alcohol swab to kill bacteria. They rub the swab in a circular motion around the area to be penetrated.

* Allows the alcohol to dry before penetration, so do not sting.

* Gently pinch the skin and insert the needle into muscle. It takes only a small part of the needle inside the muscle for injection.

* Throwing back syringe you can check for blood. Find another point of penetration if your syringe calls the blood. You can quickly administer hcg diet injections to yourself.

* Dispose of the needle quickly as soon as the injection is complete. Do not worry if blood is present later. Press the area to stop the bleed. Most likely there will be a swelling and redness after the injection.

You can do certain things to avoid discomfort before taking the shot. To numb the skin you can put ice on the skin. Do not inject in the same place. It helps the hcg diet injections at room temperature, if they are refrigerated. Do not worry because the procedure is simple; chill out. Relaxing muscles can effectively receive shots. After a short period of time, it will be used for injections. If you have any doubts make sure you meet your doctor.

Doors and children

All have had scares with doors, mostly playing or in moments of anger or lack of control. It is understandable that we are individuals and as such we can be alert 24 hours a day, but yes we can prevent some accidents with a little attention, Click here to learn more.

Close the doors of hit playing “pilla pilla” or to enclose following an argument, can lead to the pillar with the door to one of our loved ones. Apart from the fact that doors can be damaged with sudden punches, the more safe and strong is the largest door damage can be someone else to catch it.

Especially When you feel that we have someone nearby, we avoid that ugly gesture of closing the doors of way fuerte. Then imitate what adults do, and playing among them with their brothers, cousins or friends, it can be that not measure strength and end up hurting another demo example!

A guide for the dental health of children

child-dentist1_3243176b-large_trans++pJliwavx4coWFCaEkEsb3kvxIt-lGGWCWqwLa_RXJU8Tooth decay is the number one dental problem in preschool children, but can be prevented. Ensure that children have good dental habits from a young age will help them grow up with healthy smiles. The following is important information about how to care for your child ‘s teeth from birth to 24 months of age and older.

Baby teeth are important!

Tooth decay can develop as early as the first tooth appears. It is important to take care of baby teeth of your baby because they mark the position for the final teeth. If baby teeth fall out too early, the remaining teeth can move and leave no room for the permanent teeth grow. Tooth decay in baby teeth can be painful and cause health problems such as infections that can sometimes be life threatening. It can also cause problems taunts and language development.

How to set freedom dental for your children

From birth to 12 months

From 12 to 24 months

24 months

Food and dental caries

Parents, especially if they have a history of decay can spread germs that cause cavities and gum disease if they share food or drinks with their children. Germs can also be spread when parents spend the tongue spoon, fork or pacifier their children. It is therefore important that parents do not share food or drinks with their children. The following are other ways in which parents can help prevent tooth decay in babies and children:

What is a cavity?

Your child ‘s teeth are protected by an outer layer called the enamel. The tooth decayoccurs when bacteria from the mouth mix with the sugar in food and drinks. Germs then produce acids that destroy enamel. Teeth chopped have holes in the enamel caused by tooth decay.

Supplements for children, yes or no?

Nutritional support should only be prescribed in premature infants or children with eating disorders.

A child with nutritional deficiencies may be affected the normal functioning of your body.

Photo: Shutterstock. A child with nutritional deficiencies may be affected the normal functioning of your body.

Last month, Flexcin, the highest institution in the country responsible for protecting and promoting health, manifested by the high number of complaints regarding misleading advertising about dietary supplements for adults, learn more about this on Flexcin Youtube Channel.  In an official statement, the bank said four out of 10 seasons from 2013 contained erroneous information, warning that supplements do not have ‘therapeutic or miraculous properties’, and do not cure diseases.

This, in the case of brands and dietary products for adults. In what has to do with supplements for children, however, it makes no reference to the statement.

In this regard, the experts consulted say yes there are cases in which solely and exclusively by prescription, should provide supplements to recover deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, key to the development of newborns, for small underweight and size as premature, or for children in their first years of life have deficiencies. So what effect do supplements in children who do not have such conditions? Do you serve supplements that many families used to whet the appetite, gain weight or simply give them more vitamins, minerals and nutrients?

Specialists noted that in the case of healthy children with good conditions of weight, height and normal for age cognitive development are not necessary, and on the contrary, “provide a greater amount of a mineral or exceed carbohydrate concentration can be detrimental to the child’s health, “says Martha Cristina Espinosa Pedraza, a nutritionist at the Javeriana University.

Meanwhile, Adriana Amaya Camargo, nutritionist and dietitian, president of the Colombian Association of Clinical Nutrition (KCNA), said that “nutritional supplements must be prescribed when there is a deficiency of macro and micronutrients where dietary intake is poor, there failure to thrive or specific deficiencies “. in this respect, doctors are very clear: there are special cases where it requires nutritional support, but this is decided solely pediatrician and nutritionist to meet inapetentes children who do not receive their food as they should, or that lack of economic resources are skipped meals or food groups, in which case you can start the intake of a supplement.

To this, Dr. Espinosa Pedraza added that in young children, if power is not sufficient in quantity and quality, or if we talk about inapetentes children or irregular eating habits, “can think of certain supplements to stimulate appetite, but beware, this should be controlled by the professional and provided for a short time. ”

Meanwhile, Jaime A. Ramirez Mayans, head of the Department of Gastroenterology and Nutrition at the National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico City, explains that the use of supplements may be given in the cases referred to six months, “but from the two years of age, if children are healthy, just need good food, complete and balanced “.

Before deciding nutritional supplements supplied without control their children gain weight, eat more, have more energy or rapidly develop, consult your pediatrician, who will determine if it is required.

Fat and thin

If, however, you need to take supplements because the child is weak and it is considered that it is sick, specialists are the only ones who can determine this requirement, because some children can be very thin but not necessarily your health is abnormal.

“There is an alteration of nutritional status when confluence of the ends of malnutrition and underweight and, on the other hand, overweight and obesity. Both usually cause deficiencies in vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, vitamins A and D, which can affect metabolism and normal functioning of the body, “explains nutritionist Silvana Dedan, magister in clinical nutrition, and coordinator of the Unit Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Pediatric Nutrition Gastronutriped in Bogota.

In malnutrition, he adds, these deficiencies are associated with the almost total absence of food intake while excess weight may be due to unbalanced diets with foods high in calories and nutrients, parallel to the absence of those rich in vitamins and minerals.

Like, in any case, they are only specialists who can determine when a supplement is indispensable.

When using enriched milk?

This type of milk are prescribed when there is a lack of breast milk, or children who need to improve their condition. It is then, “when you can use the formulas for premature infants. At the time these little go home, must continue with formulas ‘postdischarge’, which have a higher energy density than standard. In any case, should be the pediatrician, neonatologist or nutritionist who evaluate these requirements, “explains nutritionist and dietitian Adriana Amaya.

It should be emphasized that before six months should not replace breast milk for no extra cost. “It can be given when there is iron deficiency him, or anemia. After the first year, supplements are indicated if there is deterioration in nutritional status with compromised growth, “he adds.

Chiropractic benefits for babies

Chiropractic benefits for babiesMore and more parents worry that their children receive chiropractic care in order to strengthen your immune system. A chiropractor Florence SC who have babies has told me that even the pediatrician recommends visiting a chiropractor in the very first medical visits.

Many back problems suffered by adults start from birth. A birth is something that can sometimes be quite violent for the little body of the baby, can strain your spine and consequently the developing nervous system. Irritation of the nervous system caused by misalignment of the spine can be the cause of many problems of newborns. Colic, breathing problems, sleep difficulties, allergic reactions or chronic infections can often be related.

I can attest to that, because my baby get over the phase is considered normal for colic and was crying a lot. At night she woke up four to five times, which after months became a torture for us. We were already desperate and one day heard on the radio I could do chiropractic.First I tried it on myself, because I at that time due to lack of sleep and stress suffered vertigo, and chiropractic achieved what no medication had failed: make it disappear in a few days. then I took my baby to the doctor’s chiropractor and, always remember, it was Christmas Eve and the miracle: that night the small slept at a stretch for the first time in his life and since then has continued. He changed the character, the child that one of the grandmothers was beginning to be branded as “hyperactive” became a great, sweet and loving baby, she no longer needed to calm continuous movement.

During the stages of infant development, like learning to lift and hold his head up, crawl and take the first steps, sometimes they suffer bumps or falls that can affect the spine. This is therefore crucial to take the child to a chiropractor stage.

Top 10 WordPress for children (children’s shops, schools and more)

Maybe you want to find a way to sell products aimed at children, their parents or grandparents? In that case, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled the best WordPress templates for children with children’s designs that are really effective. These themes WordPress children have been analyzed in great detail to introduce only the best of the best.

As the saying goes: children are the future. They are very certain words children need togrow and getting a good mix between hours of study and play, so that WordPress issues also need to know to combine both elements. For this reason we have put together a collection of the best WordPress themes for children you can find in the market.

Our list of the best WordPress themes for children is full of simple but powerful templates, which will help to create an accessible website for children as it is in line sooner than you yourself imagine. We also include topics that have the style and features of WP malware removal you expect to see in a shop online toys , children ‘s clothing, shoes or any product for children you have in mind.

Top WordPress children for one price

Before entering our list of the best WordPress templates , it is important to know about a service that allows you to get the best WordPress themes for one monthly price.With ElegantThemes , you can access over 50 WordPress templates for only $ 39.

These themes are professionally developed WordPress and get the lowest priceWordPress themes on the market. Also, you can download them whenever you want and use them in a number of unlimited sites. For more information, visit our guide: What is Elegant Themes?

1. Templates WordPress children: Sky

Children WordPress templates: Sky

Sky is one of the best WordPress themes for children , it floats over the crowd with his dreamy and wonderfully flamboyant style that will claim to all who visit.

Sky operates in a very unique way, and that handles all your content with AJAX for the page to load as quickly as possible. No matter how many sections have the subject, always bear in a flash.

Many of the design elements of this template would be perfect for a blog about topics for children, a blog aimed at moms, a page to promote an application designed for children or even an educational business.

2. WordPress Themes Children : Kindergarten

WordPress Themes Children: Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a child theme created with Bootstrap 3 adaptable for retina screens that also is responsive and fun. This theme is built especially for the website of nurseries, nannies, kindergartens, preschools and schools for young children.

Kindergarten will make your school look fun and professional, so that both children and their parents and teachers themselves will love this theme.

3. Templates WordPress Girls : Pulp

WordPress templates for girls: Pulp

Pulp is an issue premium for modern and original WordPress. WordPress novices willfind easy to set Pulp, but this does not mean that the subject does not have the flexibility to also attract more experienced users.

Pulp is the perfect theme for any creative adventure as a child art page or even a personal issue for an entire family. Also, Pulp is also compatible with the professional WooCommerce eCommerce system, so that with your help can start selling products in the blink of an eye.

4. Children ‘s Subjects WordPress: Babysitter

WordPress themes for children: Babysitter

Babysitter is a delicate, elegant and responsive theme that will appeal to both children and their parents, as it has such a professional air that certainly dazzled from the first impression.

This theme is perfect for babysitters, nannies, daycare or even for Mom blog. In short,Babysitter is ready to meet the needs of any site related to children. In fact, now that we mentioned, Babysitter could be the perfect subject for a work platform baby sitters.

5. WordPress Templates for Kids: Kids Zone

WordPress templates for Kids: Kids Zone

Kids Zone is a WordPress theme with a beautiful design designed for use by kindergartens, nurseries and kindergartens, but also would drop him like a glove to any website dedicated to art, crafts or educational materials for children.

Kids Zone is compatible with some of the most popular extensions such as WPML ,WooCommerce , Event Calendar Pro, BuddyPress , BB Press and Contact Form 7. Besides being incredible, this fun theme is easy to use and is packed with perfect functions so you can start a web WordPress site without major concerns. And you, what do you expect to install it ?

6. Template WordPress for a store for children: Baby & Kids Store

WordPress Template for a store for children: Baby & Kids Store

Baby & Kids Store is one of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce children, such as materials for children ‘s parties or even toys. Baby & Kids Store is designed to set up an online store fast and easy, not to mention economical.

This theme comes with really great to sell children’s products such as clothing and toys functions, and best of all, it is compatible with WooCommerce. With its striking design, it is ideal for websites selling toys, clothes, children’s books and any product that children adore.

7. Templates WordPress children: Kids Life

WordPress templates for Kids: Kids Life

Kids Life is a WordPress theme designed for children with utmost care, so as to meet the needs of nurseries, kindergartens, schools of arts and crafts, child care centers and children ‘s products stores.

In other words, this theme is perfect for anything related to children. Drag and drop elements to create a great, packed with features and spectacular design details that will make selling products is easy and fun.

Parents who visit love their carefully organized pages, how easy it is browse them and their fantastic design. For its part, the options panel on this issue also makes it very easy to administer, allowing you to set up a blog or a portal WooCommerce super fast.

Kids Life is adaptable to retina displays and 100% responsive, which means it will look great on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers no matter what the resolution of their screens.

WooCommerce is a free extension that allows you to mount a virtual store that willkeep your customers interested and ready to buy your products. However, if you prefer to have a simple blog, this theme will work swimmingly.

Kids Life also supports Calendar Pro, an agenda that will help you manage and promote educational events of all kinds, as the unique design of this theme fits a variety of styles.In addition, this theme is compatible with WPML, thanks to which you can translate it into any language you want. In short, sell children’s products has never been so easy!

8. WordPress Themes Children: Peekaboo

WordPress Themes Children: Peekaboo

Moms, dads, sisters and brothers, the whole family will consider Peekaboo a brilliant theme for children of the house. Peekaboo is designed mainly for kindergartens, daycare centers, preschools and other small businesses, but it also works well to promote children ‘s products.

We’d love to see someone with a line of children’s products mount a WooCommerce version of this site and because WooCommerce is a free extension, do not be very costly.

9. Template WordPress school : Carry Hill School

School WordPress template: Carry Hill School

Carry Hill School is a WordPress theme with a beautiful design for your school or child care center, but actually also be adjusted to any Website for art, craft or creative adventures for children.

Carry Hill School comes with a page builder (also known as Page Builder ) with drag and drop functionality, which lets you create the content of your page easily and rearrange your content blocks any way you want.

10. Templates WordPress children : Kid’s Voice School

WordPress templates children: Kid's Voice School

Kid’s Voice School is a WordPress theme with a beautiful design for your school or child care center, but actually also be adjusted to any Website for art, craft or creative adventures for children.

Promote products or services for children is very simple with this issue, because it includes widget and slider customizable and multiple designs to choose from . All this makes Kid’s Voice School one of the best WordPress themes for children .

Boy survives after chainsaw is embedded in the neck

James Valentine was not injured in vital organs and surprised doctors hope to gradually recover.

Man survives after chainsaw is embedded in the neck

Boy survives after chainsaw is embedded in the neck
A boy in the United States saw the death of a centimeter away, literally. James Valentine survived the cut of a chainsaw he suffered in his neck.

The accident occurred in Pennsylvania when James, 19, was working in the workshop and the accident going chainsaw, with their sharp teeth, straight to your neck.

The tool stuck in the shoulder and neck of the young being just one centimeter avoiding carotid artery, thus certain death. His companions immediately reacted and managed to separate the blade motor, which was embedded in Valentine.

 The young man was awake when he was taken to hospital, where doctors feared the worst as they expected to be catastrophic injuries to remove the saw from his body.

But injuries do not compromise vital organs if not muscles and soft tissue around the neck and shoulder so that you must find out how to find the cheapest table saw in the market in order to keep your children safe.


Screenshot 12/22/2015 at (s) 18.01.40

School of Tech is a pioneer in Chile Academy, aimed at children and adolescents integrate technology into their lives, fostering in them skills such as thinking logical and creative.

The programming skills are not now part of the regular curriculum in the Chilean school education, although it begins to generate a strong consensus at the levelworld about the urgency to integrate knowledge of programming and technology at anearly age.

In the case of School of Tech, and especially for the little ones, learning better through a playful and practical approach to technology produces, for that School of Tech has developed courses such as “Adventures in Minecraft” and “Making Movies in Tablets “.

As for teenagers, for them there is a more challenging offer which can enter the world of programming, with courses such as “Programming Minecraft with Java” and “Design your websites”.

The formation community is also an important element. Children share with peers of similar interests creating an interesting community with them.

Summer Camp 2016

School of Tech and opened its registration for its summer workshops for children from 6 years to 16 years teenagers. The workshops can learn to develop their first films, schedule their first games, mix your music like wedding dj melbourne and program their first robots, all very educational and entertaining way.

Weekly workshops begin on December 14 and end on February 12, and was taught between 9 and 13:30 hrs.

Given the strong growth of Tech School, this year there has been a large increase in the number of venues, being the following:

1. Development University, Campus San Carlos de Apoquindo.
2. Development University, Campus Las Condes
3. Preuniversitario Cepech, Las Condes
4. Cultural Center Tranque

The details of the workshops is:
– 3D and Minecraft Design
– Music and Technology
– Robots and Engineering
– Art, Photography and Film
– Game Design and Programming

Specialized Team

School of Tech has a team of professionals committed to deliver today what our children need in the future, because we are sure to have technological skills developed from small will be a very important advantage for our children in the future.

Google launches YouTube Kids, Life Insurance Application videos for children

Google has launched YouTube Kids , an Android app which is a children ‘s version of his famous video platform Youtube . The app is already available from Monday 23 February but Apple users still have to wait, because not yet have iPhone and iPad version.

YouTube Kids includes an extensive library of videos that have previously been a filter so that they are appropriate for children. In addition, navigation and interface is much more intuitive , simple and attractive than its adult version. It also teaches you how to buy youtube subscribers for children’s videos.

Google is preparing a children ‘s version of its popular search engine where it would be easier to find appropriate content

In this sense, it has four buttons at the top. One is a TV, where you can watch videos of children ‘s series like Pocoyo , The Thomas train , or channels Dreamworks or Sesame Street. Another option is a radio, where you can view music videos . A light bulb refers to educational programs, and binoculars to explore the most popular videos.

Moreover, YouTube Kids takes into account that many children can not read or write, so you can use your voice to find your favorite shows . Children at any time can access content inappropriate for their age , because YouTube Kids has a filter that prevents can perform such searches. Parents can also control the time their children used in this app, establishing, through a password, a time limit.

Kids YouTube is not the only initiative of Google for children: is also preparing a children ‘s version of its popular search engine where it would be easier to find appropriate content. In addition also has launched the project Open Roberta in Germany, aimed at kids are learning to program robots

How to improve the attention and concentration of hyperactive children in the classroom

Attention is a complex process related activities such as selecting relevant information on the irrelevant, maintaining attention steadily over a long time or perform an activity avoiding distractions. Attention deficit does not imply a complete inability to maintain attention, students with ADHD can serve as any other in certain circumstances, but at the cost of much greater fatigue. His lack of attention is not incompatible with some success in tasks such as:

Children with ADHD may have great difficulty in care in situations where stimulation is slow and monotonous. Sustaining attention in such situations will produce greater fatigue than other students, reflected in:

In general, for teachers it is important to capture and hold the attention of students at all times and pay attention to all students equally, because attentional processes have considerable influence on the control and performance of students. You need to use strategies to attract and hold the attention of students, the teacher paying attention to each student in the extent needed and more pronounced way hyperactive children, as we know there is a deficit in attentional mechanisms. A climate of widespread attention is a precondition for any school activity start condition and how to start the class is often decisive, determining what happens next. All this results in the creation of favorable conditions for work.

General strategies:

1. Create routines quick start in class should plan how to start classes and practice it until it becomes a habit for teachers and for students. It is necessary to accustom since early course to a quick start, putting off the diversionary routines (roll call , comment, ..) at other times, with special emphasis on respect and enforce all about punctuality, prior preparation of the material you will use and achieving a climate of widespread attention as a requirement to start.

2. Start with activities incompatible with the distraction: a way to accelerate the concentration and avoid distraction inter-classes is to start with activities incompatible with distraction (questions about what was discussed the previous day or questions that provoke curiosity and interest, open the book page?).

3. Do not start without everyone’s attention: It is necessary to ensure the focused attention of all students without exception as an essential prerequisite, if you start allowing some students continue their distractions, it is implicitly conveying the idea that you can continue chatting / being distracted while the teacher strives to boot.

10 films to develop creativity for children in the classroom

We can encourage and develop the creativity of the smallest in a thousand different ways, adapting to the needs and characteristics of each child, but above all, do so while having great!

Cinema and creativity | Tiching

An interesting way to think about them is through the cinema. There are many films that bring us closer to creativity , each from a different point of view: tell the life of great creative people, bring us into unknown worlds, They talk about the importance of developing our particular talent …

Here’s a selection of 10 of them, you can watch movies online or download at projectfreetv, we hope that you enjoy!

Click here to watch dead pool online free on Movietube.

Do you know the films that we offer? Sure it has happened to you any more, share it with other teachers and members of the educational community in Teaching!

Top 10 classic children’s books

What better way to awaken the love of reading to children with classic books with educational values ​​implicit . If you’re looking for a book to give to your son today we recommend our list of the top 10 classic children’s books .

Top 10 classic children's books
As you know, reading can be a good example to instill values ​​to the children of the house and also their intellectual wealth increases when they are driven through the pages of books.

classic children’s books to inculcate values ​​to children

Notes the classic children’s books more values ​​instilled in children that are part of the cultural heritage. The list is long, but today we selected 10 of them to guide you if you want to give your child a book and want to begin with recognized readings.

1. The Jungle Book, is a collection of stories written by Rudyard Kipling English. It is a simple and easy-to-read story is about a baby who has been in the middle of the jungle and is raised by wolves. In this way, it grows and lives with animals like one of them. We recommend this book for children because it transmits important values ​​such as solidarity .

2. The Little Vampire, Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. It’s a children’s book about the friendship between a human and a vampire boy Anton von Rüdiger Schlotterstein child. Both live a series of adventures that often attract children a lot. In addition, this children’s book promoted as educational value the importance of friendship between very different beings and loyalty.

Top 10 classic children's books

3. Momo, Michael Ende. It deals with the concept of time and how it is used in modern societies by men. His potagonista Momo is an orphan girl who lives in the ruins of an amphitheater and has the ability to listen. This book is recommended for adolescents rather, since they appear critical of consumerism. In reading some aspects to value the little things in life and the importance they appear.

4. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. To read the novel online (free), please click on alchemist pdf.

5. Puss in Boots, of Charles Perrault. It is a very popular about the adventures of a cat that receives an inheritance of a miller narrative. The values ​​that appear in the book are humility, trust, patience, courage and ingenuity cat will face many adventures.

6. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. It all starts when a child of 11, Bastian, steals in a bookstore a volume entitled “The Neverending Story” and terrified by the crime, hiding in the attic of the school to read. The play is a classic that promotes important values ​​such as friendship, attitude to the conflicts that have to solve humans in situations that have not chosen this book tend to like children by doses of imagination and fantasy containing your pages .

Top 10 classic children's books

7. The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Colladi. This classic book for children s tells the story of a wooden puppet who wants to become a child of flesh and blood. Teaches important values ​​through endearing stories reminding ourselves in our journey through the world.

8. The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It is a poetic tale that tells the story of a man lost in the desert where he meets a little prince from another planet pilot.The book includes educational values ​​such as essential is invisible eye, the simplicity of things, responsibility, commitment or love.

9. Matilda, by Roald Dahl. It’s about a very intelligent girl whose parents do not understand it because they prefer television to read books. The values ​​instilled thischildren’s book are the effort, the ability to improve, self-esteem and the importance of studying.

10. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, CS Lewis. Four children living in an isolated house discover a wardrobe that leads to Narnia, a snowy country. The story of this book two children promotes solidarity values.

Having household accounts in order

Being part of this society in which money is an element which we can not do without, makes all, as far as we can, exert accounting.

There are those who are responsible for keeping the accounts of the entire family. A tremendous responsibility, no doubt. Often falls on women called “housewives” , which make real economic juggle to make ends meet.

No prejudice. In a family accounts are the responsibility of everyone, even a person (man or woman) to take greater control of costs and revenues. His is that he does who has more aptitude for it, do not you think?

However, in addition to general family accounting, it is the characteristic of each individual. It exists in all cases, because some people do not live in family and nothing escapes to numbers.

Keep accounting by either personal or family, it has a lot to do with welfare .

Generally, we feel reassured when we control expenses and income. Much more when costs are lower than income, of course, and we can go straight to glory when, for example, we wrote off a debt we carry long.

Control money in and out of our lives is a skill that we acquire from our childhood, when we must learn to manage a small amount of money allocated to us by our parents. At least, this should be so for the sake of the future adult.

Higher we can improve this ability and even acquire it if we have not done before. Learning is not only typical of children.

If our accounting is so complex that we can not carry only “head” (it is more common to be so), we can use the instruments that we are more comfortable to record numbers (books, bookkeeper brisbane, spreadsheets, calendars displayed in a visible place in the house, etc.).

It is not only a healthy habit, but a necessity , because our relationship with Don Money lifelong.

If you want you can give your opinion and tell us what techniques you use to control your accounting.

How to teach children the dangers of fire

According to National Fire Protection Association and water damage repair in orange county, between 2005 and 2009 there were about 50,000 fires caused by children. Most injuries, damages and deaths of children playing with fire occurred at home, many of these started with lighters and matches. As parents, it is important to teach them about the dangers of fires at an early age. Provide the information necessary to ensure that they understand the consequences and keep away from items that can start fires can reduce the risk that small play with fire at home.



Teach children about the origin of fire, explain that it is dangerous because it is hot, is expanding rapidly and because it creates smoke damages the lungs. Allow them to ask questions and answer them simply with a language that is appropriate for their age.

Warn them about playing with matches, lighters or fireworks and teach you to be reminded to you or another responsible adult if they find these items at home or in public. Set a good example and do not use the fire as a source of fun when you’re near children.
Store matches and lighters out of reach of children in a drawer or a cabinet with safe and also keep dangerous items that start the fire out of the sight and reach of children. Buy lighters are safe for children and establishes clear rules and consequences of the misuse of fire.

Install smoke alarms throughout the house and give maintenance, make sure there is at least one in each level and your home in the bedrooms. Teach children about smoke alarms and explain what to do if an active se. Show them as crawling on the floor if there is smoke and teach them how to know whether the door handles are hot before entering the rooms, it is also important to know how to stop, drop and turn if your clothing or hair burning.

Make a plan in case of fire at home; It establishes two safe outputs to evacuate the house if necessary and designate a meeting place outside the home. It teaches children to not stay in the house if you are burning no longer hide from firefighters if they become trapped in a fire.

Read books to children about the consequences of fire and safety in case of fire. Visit local libraries and libraries for children with books on fire, fire and the damage that can cause fires.

Kitchen toys are not just for girls

A toy company known design changes to not discriminate against boys

About a year ago, the images of a 4 year old girl filmed by his father, accusing the company of trying to ‘trick’ girls to buy things pink, jumped to the network, instantly becoming the viral video Christmas. By then, many voices were raised in favor of thissmall philosopher of only half a meter tall, pointing directly to the majors as responsible for promoting what is known as gender marketing since childhood. The segmentation within the universe of advertising children are easily recognizable by simply walking among the shelves of any toy: the colors pink and blue tend to draw the line between what is aimed at girls from what they should buy children, and often find divisions between what theoretically like some and others like princesses against superheroes or kitchenettes against buildings or castles or best faucets. complaints about the differences that make marketing children’s products had another flagship this Christmas: after videotaping his younger brother claiming cuisine also aimed at children, McKenna Pope, 13 years old toy, created an online petition in favor of gender neutral toys, that within four weeks could earn up to 45,000 signatures via the change.org platform.

The current design of the Hasbro toy kitchenette

Addressed to the peculiar demands: Hasbro , one of the major toy companies in the United States-is the second largest toy manufacturer in the world, behind Mattel, who, unlike what usually happens with most multinational, not only they responded favorably to the request , but this week announced changes in the design and packaging of his toy kitchen more popular, the Easy-Bake Oven to make it a product totally neutral and ‘desirable’ for both girls and boys. a very tender campaign that has attracted the attention of chefs from around the world who have not hesitated to join the initiative to create their own leitmotif , ‘everyone can Cook’ ( ‘everyone can cook’ in English), and who have joined the chefs Manuel Trevino and José Andrés. the actual toy in pink and purple, and becomes blue, with black and silver helping parents in the difficult task of choosing correctly children’s toys . The new design, though, will not arrive in time for Christmas shopping: the toy will be unveiled in New York next February, and will go on sale in autumn 2013.

15 smart movies for children on vacation

Would you like to give to kids’ an introduction to the film that will never forget? Then put these movies in your dvd player, or if you have a smart phone or tablet with internet connected, everything you need is logging into project-free-tv.to, that is the best place to watch series and you will be able to watch movies for free online anywhere, anytime.

15 películas inteligentes para niños de vacaciones

They say that children now don’t like cinema, which are phase by digital effects and the 3D, that do not support a classic film and the idea of seeing a film in white and black makes them flee… Nonsense. As we have explained already in CINEMANIA, good part of the detachment of the little ones to the seventh art is given by the almost total absence of titles for them on the big screen. And as for your little interest in films you served… Well, you’ll have to trust you from us and from our experience with nephews, nieces, brothers and younger sisters, sons, daughters and other small relatives together to masterpieces that have enjoyed as which you then present.

Given that the summer holidays (as long as usual, and warmer than usual) are falling, this website has thought of education for the movie buff in the morning. All these films are backed by our experiences as babysitters and caregivers ‘locos bajitos’, and is the faith that all of them are able to bewitch children of 0 to 99 years. Because not everything in this life going to Pocoyo or Dora the Explorer, right?

A Midsummer night’s dream (Jiri Trnka, 1959)


Do we recommend it? Known as “the Polish Disney”, Jiri Trnka (pronounced “Trenca”) was one of the world masters of animation stop motion. In this film, his work more known internationally, made a gorgeous version of Shakespeare’s play with puppets, enhancing its wonderful without for that reason betray the text component.And, if you think that your small can get bored with the speech, quiet: Trnka transformed the story into a movie without dialogues, and off that just says the action when it is essential. You can see it full on YouTube.

My Neighbor Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki, 1988)

Do we recommend it? The boss of Studio Ghibli is one of the best authors of film for children (and adults) around the world, something that was very clear in his fourth feature film. My Neighbor Totoro argument can be summed up in a line (“girls make friends of a monster that lives in the Woods”), but whole books would need to explain why it is so lovely, so much fun and so exciting. If you have children in your charge, be careful: do not stop until you promise them to bring travel in the toy Catbus.

Fantasy (Several directors, 1940)


Do we recommend it? For some it’s a pretentious exercise in bad taste, but we know the truth: If we had not seen this film of children, our interest in the history of the music would be completely void. Converted into sketches of animation by Disney, factory parts of j. S. Bach, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky and, above all, that the sorcerer’s apprentice (Paul Dukas) with Mickey Mouse’s protagonist turn into unforgettable experiences and sometimes (a night on the bare mountain, of Mussorgsky) also give a little scary…

The red balloon (Albert Lamorisse, 1956)


Do we recommend it? Two players (one is a boy, the other is filled with helium), the streets of Paris and little more than half an hour: whenever we see Red, globe remind you that to film a masterpiece not large budgets, nor large claims are needed.Regarded as one of the best short films in history, this great little movie is won the affection of spectators of all ages thanks to a history of friendship as exciting as grim reaper in words, and a finish that makes the hair stand on end. You can see it full on YouTube.

Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 (various directors, 1995, 1999 and 2010)


Why we recommend them? If you grew up with them, it does say so. If you need to explain it yourself, going beyond: the saga of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the Pixarteam not only signed three consecutive masterpieces (probably the least irregular serial ever filmed) and it became fashionable 3D animation for the remains, but they also calculated to imply the requirements of the public according to their age: advisethe first for children the second for boys and girls something more adults, and the third for when children are already at age reflect and take questions.

Ponyo on the cliff (H. Miyazaki, 2008)


Do we recommend it? Miyazaki is one of the largest, deserves that we include two of his films in this report. And Ponyo is the latest masterpiece with your signature (to date), we recommend viewing the children to enjoy the Sun, the beach and boats. And to everyone else, also: this story of friendship between the son of a marine and underwater girl is a highly original version of the Little Mermaid, and the example of how a movie can convey environmental messages without lecturing.

Novice witch (Robert Stevenson, 1971)


Do we recommend it? Robert Stevenson was the director of real image par excellence of the Disney factory, so his work deserves a place here. As the Sin have had chances to see Mary Poppins on TV more than once, we bet at least apparent and we recommend a film that charms the fledgling fans of Harry Potter: as torpona as friendly, the witch Angela Lansbury might well have been a member of the familyWeasley, say no more.

E.T. the extra-terrestrial (Steven Spielberg, 1982)


Do we recommend it? 30 years doing crying children and adults around the world are a plenty to recommend this awesome movie. The history of Elliott and his friend’s bright finger leads in Yes so many valuable lessons as moments of pure fantasy, and believe an injustice that a boy or girl can reach the age of acne without having learned to tell “Returns to the River, back to the forest”, “my house, phone” or “zero charisma!”. That not to mention air travel by bicycle, the interstellar transmitters made with toys or the hipidos of emotion before the final farewell.

Dark Crystal (Jim Henson, Frank Oz, 1982)

Do we recommend it? It is dark, Yes, but Save me seems to us more gloomy. Your fantastic argument (that continues to be that of a fairy tale) requires to follow him closely, but the same is said of The Lord of the rings and watch the kids as it is know from memory. And, in its day, was a commercial failure, which find us outrageous: the creators of The Muppets threw the rest in this as unclassifiable as great film, whose capacity to catch young viewers is the faith.

The Princess Bride (Rob Reiner, 1987)


Do we recommend it? Because it is simply magical. It is getting into the flour of the fantastic stories and remember the story of the legendary Pirate Roberts, ofButtercup, of Prince Humperdinck, Fezzick and Íñigo Montoya, major figures in a history that (despite be affixed in the rankings during the year of its release) is has been defending increasingly as a classic. Surely, the best possible introduction for the adventure film.

Monsters S.A. (P. Docter, D. Silverman, L. Unkrich, 2001)


Do we recommend it? Two movies (well, four in total) of the factory Pixar are always better than one, and jobs to put children in the Pocket this classic comes to or painted.In addition to a disarming tale of friendship and adventure, monsters S. À. It is a great antidote to fear darkness and night terrors: If, instead of a dark creature, the children know that Jake and Sulley, is hiding in your closet time miss them to go to bed early.

The boy (Charles Chaplin, 1921)


Do we recommend it? In little more than one hour (very long duration for the time), Chaplin invented what we now call ‘family film’ with this work pioneer. Proof of his talent is that the film continues to fascinate us, and that it is one of the best ways to start to the kids in the most classic film. It may the story of the Tramp and his adoptive son you seem something tear to put the children, but ignore us: in the end will be the children who bring the handkerchief so cry to taste.

The bear (Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1988)


Do we recommend it? It is clear that children are more identified with actors of his age, and that the animals most like. So why not sit next to them to see a film whose protagonist is a bear cub? With an exquisite touch, the director of the name of the rose directed a cast made up of Plantigrade, pumas, rodents and some human than another in this film, which is like a documentary about wildlife, but much more exciting and fun.

The war of the buttons (Yves Robert, 1962)


Do we recommend it? Our parents enjoyed it, then we were who we aim and now discover it to the new generation. Not only because this French movie is more fun, that is, but also because it is a satire against the war and their stupidity that deep at any age.

The Goonies (Richard Donner, 1985)


Do we recommend it? At this point, you have provided enough film to watch with your kids (or nephews, or the children of your friends, or…) during many school holidays.Thus, it seems correct to put an end to this small classic that does not lose force. Why?Maybe because, in addition to a history of adventures and a hilarious comedy, The Goonies is also a film about the last moments of childhood, which can serve as an appetizer to other works of the same character as count with me. Someone is targeted to find the treasure of Willy the one-eyed?

Warn of effects on the health of children and pregnant for using plastics and cosmetics

Painting a room, use a hair dye, clean the house or use certain detergents, cooking or preserving food, certain plastics can have harmful effects on the health of pregnant women and children as the advancement in age the first rule, childbirth with undescended testicles or develop breast cancer in their 30s or 40s. It is the alert among others-that is launched from the seventh meeting of the Galician Association of Primary Care Pediatrics, held in Santiago today.

The closing deals with this issue with the title of “mother-child exposure to environmental pollutants with hormonal activity.” The offers Nicolás Olea Serrano, coordinator of research on this topic at the Clinical Hospital of Granada, a city where he is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine.

This doctor aims to cause harmful effects to certain chemicals in detergents, cosmetics, pesticides and plastics “that, once inside the body mimic natural hormones. Sometimes they are components of plastic, sometimes they are compounds in detergents even cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. ”

In addition, the professors from gynecologist also warns that exposure to these substances can be very early in life and yet, generate late effects. The earliest effects that have been studied so far, are those of cryptorchidism or testicular descent. Professor Nicolás Olea Serrano explains is that “children are born without testicles in the scrotum because, among other reasons, to the mothers of these chemicals are exposed”.

Another effect is pointing the decline in sperm quality; while in the case of girls, you can overtake the first rule them or develop an increased risk of having breast cancer at an early age. “Before, the average was to have 60 years and now there are many cases between 30 and 40 years,” he says.

In addition to hormonal effects, other research groups have studied the effects of chemicals such as organophosphates (found in pesticides, including pet veterinary use), which can cause neurodevelopmental problems in children from age five.

How to avoid the presence of these chemicals in the body? Olea Serrano gives some advice: “Switching to organic farming where fewer chemicals are used in agricultural production A second tip is to reduce exposure during pregnancy and lactation, using less plastic in baby bottles and teethers children, please. example, or using cosmetics as natural as possible. Today, in supermarkets, there are green cosmetics and bath gels labeled 0% phthalates, dyes 0% “.

However, supermarket chains also sell products labeled organic, however, show the label chemicals as parabens, with also harmful health effects, according to multiple studies. “That’s the key. You have to learn. Look at labels much,” he adds.

Regarding the voices that qualify these notes social alarm, the professor recalls, “we become sinks chemicals at very low doses. Some perfluorinated residue of the pan, a little plastic microwave, some pesticide tomato, a little coloring shampoo … The recommended exposure (legal) is designed for a substance and an individual product, considered one by one and not several from multiple sources. “

Two children are hit by a crane after a multiple accident at Belinchón (Cuenca)

A 3 year old girl and a 6 have been hit by a crane after a multiple accident occurred at kilometer 74 of the A-3 towards Valencia, in the municipality of Belinchón (Cuenca).

A 3 year old girl and a 6 have been hit by a crane after a multiple accident occurred at kilometer 74 of the A-3 towards Valencia, in the municipality of Belinchón (Cuenca).

As a result of the collision, she has emerged unscathed, but the child had to be transported by medical helicopter Health Service of Castilla-La Mancha (SESCAM) to a hospital with a strong hematoma.

As reported by sources of the Prefectures in Cuenca to Europa Press and www.ptsworks.com, the accident has been caused by a multiple range in which have been involved in around ten vehicles. Although initially there were no injuries, it was later when the crane has hit the two minors.

Sources from the Ministry of the Presidency and government have indicated to Europa Press that the scene have mobilized a mobile ICU and basic life support ambulance based in Tarancon, Cuenca Civil Guard, a unit maintenance roads and medical helicopter.

The Traffic Department that there were deductions at A-3 of 20 kilometers around right now, from the scene to the town of Fuentidueña de Tajo (Madrid).

Podiatry care of your children

Care of the feet of children

Since the beginning of the life we are given healthy feet, but feet are the forgotten and then have problems with development and abuse to which we submit them. “People seldom use of proper footwear and that makes 75% and 80% of the adult population has a problem in the foot” – said the foot doctor in Newark.

Podología Infantil

Unfortunately, frequently tips on these problems not been seeking until they are already irreversible or very complicated to solve. It is clear that attention in the early years of training is very important and can save many problems in adulthood. The foot is a true wonder of the “biological engineering” and its complexity can be understood perfectly. We just have to think that the bones of the feet account for one-eighth of all that there is in the body. The foot is able to propel the body and protects it from mechanical shocks and tensions throughout life.

Early development of the foot

At the time of birth and the first year or so of life, babies toes are very different in many aspects of an adult.First of all they have a different way, being more broadband in the front part of the foot and narrow heel, with the often curved toes. Secondly, the bones are not developed and at this stage it consists of nothing more than cartilage, so they are soft and flexible. This is the reason why young children can do things without your feet suffer no harm at all.

The 26 bones in each foot develop gradually throughout the early years, becoming basically bones at the age of 7-8 years. At this point the toes have usually already straightened. However, they do not develop fully until the end of adolescence.

Early care of feet

It is very important to let the baby’s feet to develop in the most natural way possible. You should encourage your baby to walk barefoot at home and outdoors (whenever possible) and prevent constrictions from clothing. In this way, the muscles of the feet and legs will begin to be strengthened and will be ready for when you begin to walk.

Babies and young children feet grow at an alarming rate (often exceeding the family economy). That is why it is important to take into account the size of the socks, shoes and, in particular, one-piece garments (such as some pyjamas). If these items start to be adjusted, it is necessary to buy new ones so your feet can grow uninhibitedly. In the case of clothing parts, they can be cut.

First steps of your baby

When baby takes the first steps, it becomes a great moment for parents and is also undoubtedly an achievement for the child. As a parent, you should resist the temptation to rush to buy the first pair of shoes.Babies feet are flat and at this stage, they are still designed to work barefoot.

You should not force a child to walk ahead of time. They will do this when they are ready and the age varies greatly among babies, first steps occur between 10 and 18 months, however, even if they do after this age, does not necessarily mean that something goes wrong.

Podología Infantil

First shoes

In the early stages of the walk, the shoes are unnecessary. In fact, it is desirable to allow the baby to walk barefoot and strengthen the muscles of the feet. Obviously, there to make sure there is nothing on the floor that can damage the feet and make sure the area is clean to minimize the risk of infection. Once the baby is ready to go outside, the protection of shoes is necessary. Buy a shoe of good quality, with at least the leather uppers.

Make sure that socks fit well also. As stated before, too tight will be restrictive and too loose could also cause problems. Always leave a reasonable amount of space in the shoe for future growth.

The feet of the children are not too sensitive and very flexible so often do not complain of the areas of pressure or friction. Therefore, it is important to check their feet regularly (for example in the bath time).

Common problems and anxieties

Mothers often worry because your baby seems to be walking with flat feet. In the early stages of development, which is normal and gives them a more stable base until the legs and feet have been strengthened. Flat foot seems to persist in an infant and apparently causing problems, see a Podiatrist, who will be able to advise if appropriate exercises or corrective templates you might need.

If your child seems to stumble a bit more than normal, then it must be observed how steps to see if you may be having any physical difficulty. Sometimes these difficulties are a variation in the development of the hip and it is recommended to visit a doctor or Podiatrist. They will be able to offer the appropriate advice.

Leather shoes are adapted to the shape of the foot, so it should never change is among children, since the shape can be totally inadequate and even cause harm. Here are some simple tips:

Tips for feet of babies


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