Warn of effects on the health of children and pregnant for using plastics and cosmetics

Painting a room, use a hair dye, clean the house or use certain detergents, cooking or preserving food, certain plastics can have harmful effects on the health of pregnant women and children as the advancement in age the first rule, childbirth with undescended testicles or develop breast cancer in their 30s or 40s. It is the alert among others-that is launched from the seventh meeting of the Galician Association of Primary Care Pediatrics, held in Santiago today.

The closing deals with this issue with the title of “mother-child exposure to environmental pollutants with hormonal activity.” The offers Nicolás Olea Serrano, coordinator of research on this topic at the Clinical Hospital of Granada, a city where he is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine.

This doctor aims to cause harmful effects to certain chemicals in detergents, cosmetics, pesticides and plastics “that, once inside the body mimic natural hormones. Sometimes they are components of plastic, sometimes they are compounds in detergents even cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. ”

In addition, the professors from gynecologist also warns that exposure to these substances can be very early in life and yet, generate late effects. The earliest effects that have been studied so far, are those of cryptorchidism or testicular descent. Professor Nicolás Olea Serrano explains is that “children are born without testicles in the scrotum because, among other reasons, to the mothers of these chemicals are exposed”.

Another effect is pointing the decline in sperm quality; while in the case of girls, you can overtake the first rule them or develop an increased risk of having breast cancer at an early age. “Before, the average was to have 60 years and now there are many cases between 30 and 40 years,” he says.

In addition to hormonal effects, other research groups have studied the effects of chemicals such as organophosphates (found in pesticides, including pet veterinary use), which can cause neurodevelopmental problems in children from age five.

How to avoid the presence of these chemicals in the body? Olea Serrano gives some advice: “Switching to organic farming where fewer chemicals are used in agricultural production A second tip is to reduce exposure during pregnancy and lactation, using less plastic in baby bottles and teethers children, please. example, or using cosmetics as natural as possible. Today, in supermarkets, there are green cosmetics and bath gels labeled 0% phthalates, dyes 0% “.

However, supermarket chains also sell products labeled organic, however, show the label chemicals as parabens, with also harmful health effects, according to multiple studies. “That’s the key. You have to learn. Look at labels much,” he adds.

Regarding the voices that qualify these notes social alarm, the professor recalls, “we become sinks chemicals at very low doses. Some perfluorinated residue of the pan, a little plastic microwave, some pesticide tomato, a little coloring shampoo … The recommended exposure (legal) is designed for a substance and an individual product, considered one by one and not several from multiple sources. “


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