Top 10 WordPress for children (children’s shops, schools and more)

Maybe you want to find a way to sell products aimed at children, their parents or grandparents? In that case, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled the best WordPress templates for children with children’s designs that are really effective. These themes WordPress children have been analyzed in great detail to introduce only the best of the best.

As the saying goes: children are the future. They are very certain words children need togrow and getting a good mix between hours of study and play, so that WordPress issues also need to know to combine both elements. For this reason we have put together a collection of the best WordPress themes for children you can find in the market.

Our list of the best WordPress themes for children is full of simple but powerful templates, which will help to create an accessible website for children as it is in line sooner than you yourself imagine. We also include topics that have the style and features of WP malware removal you expect to see in a shop online toys , children ‘s clothing, shoes or any product for children you have in mind.

Top WordPress children for one price

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1. Templates WordPress children: Sky

Children WordPress templates: Sky

Sky is one of the best WordPress themes for children , it floats over the crowd with his dreamy and wonderfully flamboyant style that will claim to all who visit.

Sky operates in a very unique way, and that handles all your content with AJAX for the page to load as quickly as possible. No matter how many sections have the subject, always bear in a flash.

Many of the design elements of this template would be perfect for a blog about topics for children, a blog aimed at moms, a page to promote an application designed for children or even an educational business.

2. WordPress Themes Children : Kindergarten

WordPress Themes Children: Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a child theme created with Bootstrap 3 adaptable for retina screens that also is responsive and fun. This theme is built especially for the website of nurseries, nannies, kindergartens, preschools and schools for young children.

Kindergarten will make your school look fun and professional, so that both children and their parents and teachers themselves will love this theme.

3. Templates WordPress Girls : Pulp

WordPress templates for girls: Pulp

Pulp is an issue premium for modern and original WordPress. WordPress novices willfind easy to set Pulp, but this does not mean that the subject does not have the flexibility to also attract more experienced users.

Pulp is the perfect theme for any creative adventure as a child art page or even a personal issue for an entire family. Also, Pulp is also compatible with the professional WooCommerce eCommerce system, so that with your help can start selling products in the blink of an eye.

4. Children ‘s Subjects WordPress: Babysitter

WordPress themes for children: Babysitter

Babysitter is a delicate, elegant and responsive theme that will appeal to both children and their parents, as it has such a professional air that certainly dazzled from the first impression.

This theme is perfect for babysitters, nannies, daycare or even for Mom blog. In short,Babysitter is ready to meet the needs of any site related to children. In fact, now that we mentioned, Babysitter could be the perfect subject for a work platform baby sitters.

5. WordPress Templates for Kids: Kids Zone

WordPress templates for Kids: Kids Zone

Kids Zone is a WordPress theme with a beautiful design designed for use by kindergartens, nurseries and kindergartens, but also would drop him like a glove to any website dedicated to art, crafts or educational materials for children.

Kids Zone is compatible with some of the most popular extensions such as WPML ,WooCommerce , Event Calendar Pro, BuddyPress , BB Press and Contact Form 7. Besides being incredible, this fun theme is easy to use and is packed with perfect functions so you can start a web WordPress site without major concerns. And you, what do you expect to install it ?

6. Template WordPress for a store for children: Baby & Kids Store

WordPress Template for a store for children: Baby & Kids Store

Baby & Kids Store is one of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce children, such as materials for children ‘s parties or even toys. Baby & Kids Store is designed to set up an online store fast and easy, not to mention economical.

This theme comes with really great to sell children’s products such as clothing and toys functions, and best of all, it is compatible with WooCommerce. With its striking design, it is ideal for websites selling toys, clothes, children’s books and any product that children adore.

7. Templates WordPress children: Kids Life

WordPress templates for Kids: Kids Life

Kids Life is a WordPress theme designed for children with utmost care, so as to meet the needs of nurseries, kindergartens, schools of arts and crafts, child care centers and children ‘s products stores.

In other words, this theme is perfect for anything related to children. Drag and drop elements to create a great, packed with features and spectacular design details that will make selling products is easy and fun.

Parents who visit love their carefully organized pages, how easy it is browse them and their fantastic design. For its part, the options panel on this issue also makes it very easy to administer, allowing you to set up a blog or a portal WooCommerce super fast.

Kids Life is adaptable to retina displays and 100% responsive, which means it will look great on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers no matter what the resolution of their screens.

WooCommerce is a free extension that allows you to mount a virtual store that willkeep your customers interested and ready to buy your products. However, if you prefer to have a simple blog, this theme will work swimmingly.

Kids Life also supports Calendar Pro, an agenda that will help you manage and promote educational events of all kinds, as the unique design of this theme fits a variety of styles.In addition, this theme is compatible with WPML, thanks to which you can translate it into any language you want. In short, sell children’s products has never been so easy!

8. WordPress Themes Children: Peekaboo

WordPress Themes Children: Peekaboo

Moms, dads, sisters and brothers, the whole family will consider Peekaboo a brilliant theme for children of the house. Peekaboo is designed mainly for kindergartens, daycare centers, preschools and other small businesses, but it also works well to promote children ‘s products.

We’d love to see someone with a line of children’s products mount a WooCommerce version of this site and because WooCommerce is a free extension, do not be very costly.

9. Template WordPress school : Carry Hill School

School WordPress template: Carry Hill School

Carry Hill School is a WordPress theme with a beautiful design for your school or child care center, but actually also be adjusted to any Website for art, craft or creative adventures for children.

Carry Hill School comes with a page builder (also known as Page Builder ) with drag and drop functionality, which lets you create the content of your page easily and rearrange your content blocks any way you want.

10. Templates WordPress children : Kid’s Voice School

WordPress templates children: Kid's Voice School

Kid’s Voice School is a WordPress theme with a beautiful design for your school or child care center, but actually also be adjusted to any Website for art, craft or creative adventures for children.

Promote products or services for children is very simple with this issue, because it includes widget and slider customizable and multiple designs to choose from . All this makes Kid’s Voice School one of the best WordPress themes for children .


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