Kitchen toys are not just for girls

A toy company known design changes to not discriminate against boys

About a year ago, the images of a 4 year old girl filmed by his father, accusing the company of trying to ‘trick’ girls to buy things pink, jumped to the network, instantly becoming the viral video Christmas. By then, many voices were raised in favor of thissmall philosopher of only half a meter tall, pointing directly to the majors as responsible for promoting what is known as gender marketing since childhood. The segmentation within the universe of advertising children are easily recognizable by simply walking among the shelves of any toy: the colors pink and blue tend to draw the line between what is aimed at girls from what they should buy children, and often find divisions between what theoretically like some and others like princesses against superheroes or kitchenettes against buildings or castles or best faucets. complaints about the differences that make marketing children’s products had another flagship this Christmas: after videotaping his younger brother claiming cuisine also aimed at children, McKenna Pope, 13 years old toy, created an online petition in favor of gender neutral toys, that within four weeks could earn up to 45,000 signatures via the change.org platform.

The current design of the Hasbro toy kitchenette

Addressed to the peculiar demands: Hasbro , one of the major toy companies in the United States-is the second largest toy manufacturer in the world, behind Mattel, who, unlike what usually happens with most multinational, not only they responded favorably to the request , but this week announced changes in the design and packaging of his toy kitchen more popular, the Easy-Bake Oven to make it a product totally neutral and ‘desirable’ for both girls and boys. a very tender campaign that has attracted the attention of chefs from around the world who have not hesitated to join the initiative to create their own leitmotif , ‘everyone can Cook’ ( ‘everyone can cook’ in English), and who have joined the chefs Manuel Trevino and José Andrés. the actual toy in pink and purple, and becomes blue, with black and silver helping parents in the difficult task of choosing correctly children’s toys . The new design, though, will not arrive in time for Christmas shopping: the toy will be unveiled in New York next February, and will go on sale in autumn 2013.


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