How to teach children the dangers of fire

According to National Fire Protection Association and water damage repair in orange county, between 2005 and 2009 there were about 50,000 fires caused by children. Most injuries, damages and deaths of children playing with fire occurred at home, many of these started with lighters and matches. As parents, it is important to teach them about the dangers of fires at an early age. Provide the information necessary to ensure that they understand the consequences and keep away from items that can start fires can reduce the risk that small play with fire at home.



Teach children about the origin of fire, explain that it is dangerous because it is hot, is expanding rapidly and because it creates smoke damages the lungs. Allow them to ask questions and answer them simply with a language that is appropriate for their age.

Warn them about playing with matches, lighters or fireworks and teach you to be reminded to you or another responsible adult if they find these items at home or in public. Set a good example and do not use the fire as a source of fun when you’re near children.
Store matches and lighters out of reach of children in a drawer or a cabinet with safe and also keep dangerous items that start the fire out of the sight and reach of children. Buy lighters are safe for children and establishes clear rules and consequences of the misuse of fire.

Install smoke alarms throughout the house and give maintenance, make sure there is at least one in each level and your home in the bedrooms. Teach children about smoke alarms and explain what to do if an active se. Show them as crawling on the floor if there is smoke and teach them how to know whether the door handles are hot before entering the rooms, it is also important to know how to stop, drop and turn if your clothing or hair burning.

Make a plan in case of fire at home; It establishes two safe outputs to evacuate the house if necessary and designate a meeting place outside the home. It teaches children to not stay in the house if you are burning no longer hide from firefighters if they become trapped in a fire.

Read books to children about the consequences of fire and safety in case of fire. Visit local libraries and libraries for children with books on fire, fire and the damage that can cause fires.


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