How to improve the attention and concentration of hyperactive children in the classroom

Attention is a complex process related activities such as selecting relevant information on the irrelevant, maintaining attention steadily over a long time or perform an activity avoiding distractions. Attention deficit does not imply a complete inability to maintain attention, students with ADHD can serve as any other in certain circumstances, but at the cost of much greater fatigue. His lack of attention is not incompatible with some success in tasks such as:

Children with ADHD may have great difficulty in care in situations where stimulation is slow and monotonous. Sustaining attention in such situations will produce greater fatigue than other students, reflected in:

In general, for teachers it is important to capture and hold the attention of students at all times and pay attention to all students equally, because attentional processes have considerable influence on the control and performance of students. You need to use strategies to attract and hold the attention of students, the teacher paying attention to each student in the extent needed and more pronounced way hyperactive children, as we know there is a deficit in attentional mechanisms. A climate of widespread attention is a precondition for any school activity start condition and how to start the class is often decisive, determining what happens next. All this results in the creation of favorable conditions for work.

General strategies:

1. Create routines quick start in class should plan how to start classes and practice it until it becomes a habit for teachers and for students. It is necessary to accustom since early course to a quick start, putting off the diversionary routines (roll call , comment, ..) at other times, with special emphasis on respect and enforce all about punctuality, prior preparation of the material you will use and achieving a climate of widespread attention as a requirement to start.

2. Start with activities incompatible with the distraction: a way to accelerate the concentration and avoid distraction inter-classes is to start with activities incompatible with distraction (questions about what was discussed the previous day or questions that provoke curiosity and interest, open the book page?).

3. Do not start without everyone’s attention: It is necessary to ensure the focused attention of all students without exception as an essential prerequisite, if you start allowing some students continue their distractions, it is implicitly conveying the idea that you can continue chatting / being distracted while the teacher strives to boot.


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