Health and Safety: How to safely use HCG diet injections?

The HCG diet plan is popular among many. This type of diet includes special injection with kit that prevent the dieter from hunger due to their low calories. Most injections are done by the dieter’s doctor but in many situations there are those who do not have the time to receive a shot from one. Kits can be provided by doctors to help people who can not see their doctor for injections. Before you do the injections yourself you should consult your doctor. It is advisable to use new needles for each injection. Once your needle has been used you should have them removed correctly. Follow these procedures to help you with your hcg diet injections:

* Use an alcohol swab to kill bacteria. They rub the swab in a circular motion around the area to be penetrated.

* Allows the alcohol to dry before penetration, so do not sting.

* Gently pinch the skin and insert the needle into muscle. It takes only a small part of the needle inside the muscle for injection.

* Throwing back syringe you can check for blood. Find another point of penetration if your syringe calls the blood. You can quickly administer hcg diet injections to yourself.

* Dispose of the needle quickly as soon as the injection is complete. Do not worry if blood is present later. Press the area to stop the bleed. Most likely there will be a swelling and redness after the injection.

You can do certain things to avoid discomfort before taking the shot. To numb the skin you can put ice on the skin. Do not inject in the same place. It helps the hcg diet injections at room temperature, if they are refrigerated. Do not worry because the procedure is simple; chill out. Relaxing muscles can effectively receive shots. After a short period of time, it will be used for injections. If you have any doubts make sure you meet your doctor.


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