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School of Tech is a pioneer in Chile Academy, aimed at children and adolescents integrate technology into their lives, fostering in them skills such as thinking logical and creative.

The programming skills are not now part of the regular curriculum in the Chilean school education, although it begins to generate a strong consensus at the levelworld about the urgency to integrate knowledge of programming and technology at anearly age.

In the case of School of Tech, and especially for the little ones, learning better through a playful and practical approach to technology produces, for that School of Tech has developed courses such as “Adventures in Minecraft” and “Making Movies in Tablets “.

As for teenagers, for them there is a more challenging offer which can enter the world of programming, with courses such as “Programming Minecraft with Java” and “Design your websites”.

The formation community is also an important element. Children share with peers of similar interests creating an interesting community with them.

Summer Camp 2016

School of Tech and opened its registration for its summer workshops for children from 6 years to 16 years teenagers. The workshops can learn to develop their first films, schedule their first games, mix your music like wedding dj melbourne and program their first robots, all very educational and entertaining way.

Weekly workshops begin on December 14 and end on February 12, and was taught between 9 and 13:30 hrs.

Given the strong growth of Tech School, this year there has been a large increase in the number of venues, being the following:

1. Development University, Campus San Carlos de Apoquindo.
2. Development University, Campus Las Condes
3. Preuniversitario Cepech, Las Condes
4. Cultural Center Tranque

The details of the workshops is:
– 3D and Minecraft Design
– Music and Technology
– Robots and Engineering
– Art, Photography and Film
– Game Design and Programming

Specialized Team

School of Tech has a team of professionals committed to deliver today what our children need in the future, because we are sure to have technological skills developed from small will be a very important advantage for our children in the future.


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