Chiropractic benefits for babies

Chiropractic benefits for babiesMore and more parents worry that their children receive chiropractic care in order to strengthen your immune system. A chiropractor Florence SC who have babies has told me that even the pediatrician recommends visiting a chiropractor in the very first medical visits.

Many back problems suffered by adults start from birth. A birth is something that can sometimes be quite violent for the little body of the baby, can strain your spine and consequently the developing nervous system. Irritation of the nervous system caused by misalignment of the spine can be the cause of many problems of newborns. Colic, breathing problems, sleep difficulties, allergic reactions or chronic infections can often be related.

I can attest to that, because my baby get over the phase is considered normal for colic and was crying a lot. At night she woke up four to five times, which after months became a torture for us. We were already desperate and one day heard on the radio I could do chiropractic.First I tried it on myself, because I at that time due to lack of sleep and stress suffered vertigo, and chiropractic achieved what no medication had failed: make it disappear in a few days. then I took my baby to the doctor’s chiropractor and, always remember, it was Christmas Eve and the miracle: that night the small slept at a stretch for the first time in his life and since then has continued. He changed the character, the child that one of the grandmothers was beginning to be branded as “hyperactive” became a great, sweet and loving baby, she no longer needed to calm continuous movement.

During the stages of infant development, like learning to lift and hold his head up, crawl and take the first steps, sometimes they suffer bumps or falls that can affect the spine. This is therefore crucial to take the child to a chiropractor stage.


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