Boy survives after chainsaw is embedded in the neck

James Valentine was not injured in vital organs and surprised doctors hope to gradually recover.

Man survives after chainsaw is embedded in the neck

Boy survives after chainsaw is embedded in the neck
A boy in the United States saw the death of a centimeter away, literally. James Valentine survived the cut of a chainsaw he suffered in his neck.

The accident occurred in Pennsylvania when James, 19, was working in the workshop and the accident going chainsaw, with their sharp teeth, straight to your neck.

The tool stuck in the shoulder and neck of the young being just one centimeter avoiding carotid artery, thus certain death. His companions immediately reacted and managed to separate the blade motor, which was embedded in Valentine.

 The young man was awake when he was taken to hospital, where doctors feared the worst as they expected to be catastrophic injuries to remove the saw from his body.

But injuries do not compromise vital organs if not muscles and soft tissue around the neck and shoulder so that you must find out how to find the cheapest table saw in the market in order to keep your children safe.


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