5 Benefits of Having a Pet for Your Mental Health

When we choose to have a pet we surely do not do it thinking about the benefits that can bring us. However, studies are constantly published confirming that living with them helps us in various ways in all stages of existence. Today we tell you how good it is for your mental health to share your home with a pet animal .

The good thing about having a pet is …

Let’s start by listing the good things a pet gives us on a daily basis . For example:

Add the items that you think are pertinent. But in this small catalog it is possible to glimpse that, not seeing us with human eyes, animals find the key to help us become better people .

Below, we detail 5 benefits that brings to your mental health the fact of having a pet.

Having a pet brings a number of benefits, including those related to mental health: they relieve loneliness, stress and depression, stimulate social life and make us more responsible and happy beings.

1-Remove feelings of loneliness

For people who live or spend a lot of time alone, having the company of an animal makes them feel more confident and more protected.

Is that, even if they do not speak our language, pets stimulate communication and contact. It’s just a question of paying attention to them and decoding their language . Or you may reach with a good session of caresses to remove any hint of loneliness .

2-Relieve depressive states

When someone becomes depressed, they often lose the desire to relate to their environment in any of its forms. But by having a pet, you will surely take responsibility for depression . It is that animals have to feed them, walk them and a long series of etceteras.

In addition, hugging a furry friend is usually a great medicine to improve any depressive state .

3-Reduce stress

Nothing better than spending time with your pet after a day when stress overflowed . A long and relaxed walk , or a good session of games or caresses are the best antidote against this evil of our day.

So learn from your furry friend and find a moment each day to relax next to him . You will see that the results are amazing. Much better than any conventional treatment.

4-Make us more responsible

Since children, having a pet makes us more responsible people .

Knowing that another being depends on us and that, in addition to enjoying his company, we must take care of it in the best way possible, it “trains” us to exercise the responsibility in all the orders of the life .

5-Enrich social life

Info for dog owners know that the moment of the walk is ideal to meet people . New friendships can arise, find a partner or simply have a friendly conversation with a stranger.

In addition, beyond the walks, pets are always a good topic to chat at any meeting , and are even an excellent excuse to start communicating through social networks.

Having a pet makes us happier

As a way to encompass the above points, we can conclude that a pet makes us happier .

To explain this one must resort to terms that may be too “scientific”. It is that sharing a good moment with our non-human friends implies that they increase our oxytocin levels and stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine. Instead, it causes lower levels of cortisol.

This combination, in addition to helping to remove stress and depression, simply increases our feelings of happiness .

But maybe you do not have to use all this terminology to tell you what you already know. If a pet is part of your life, you are surely a happy person .


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