15 smart movies for children on vacation

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15 películas inteligentes para niños de vacaciones

They say that children now don’t like cinema, which are phase by digital effects and the 3D, that do not support a classic film and the idea of seeing a film in white and black makes them flee… Nonsense. As we have explained already in CINEMANIA, good part of the detachment of the little ones to the seventh art is given by the almost total absence of titles for them on the big screen. And as for your little interest in films you served… Well, you’ll have to trust you from us and from our experience with nephews, nieces, brothers and younger sisters, sons, daughters and other small relatives together to masterpieces that have enjoyed as which you then present.

Given that the summer holidays (as long as usual, and warmer than usual) are falling, this website has thought of education for the movie buff in the morning. All these films are backed by our experiences as babysitters and caregivers ‘locos bajitos’, and is the faith that all of them are able to bewitch children of 0 to 99 years. Because not everything in this life going to Pocoyo or Dora the Explorer, right?

A Midsummer night’s dream (Jiri Trnka, 1959)


Do we recommend it? Known as “the Polish Disney”, Jiri Trnka (pronounced “Trenca”) was one of the world masters of animation stop motion. In this film, his work more known internationally, made a gorgeous version of Shakespeare’s play with puppets, enhancing its wonderful without for that reason betray the text component.And, if you think that your small can get bored with the speech, quiet: Trnka transformed the story into a movie without dialogues, and off that just says the action when it is essential. You can see it full on YouTube.

My Neighbor Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki, 1988)

Do we recommend it? The boss of Studio Ghibli is one of the best authors of film for children (and adults) around the world, something that was very clear in his fourth feature film. My Neighbor Totoro argument can be summed up in a line (“girls make friends of a monster that lives in the Woods”), but whole books would need to explain why it is so lovely, so much fun and so exciting. If you have children in your charge, be careful: do not stop until you promise them to bring travel in the toy Catbus.

Fantasy (Several directors, 1940)


Do we recommend it? For some it’s a pretentious exercise in bad taste, but we know the truth: If we had not seen this film of children, our interest in the history of the music would be completely void. Converted into sketches of animation by Disney, factory parts of j. S. Bach, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky and, above all, that the sorcerer’s apprentice (Paul Dukas) with Mickey Mouse’s protagonist turn into unforgettable experiences and sometimes (a night on the bare mountain, of Mussorgsky) also give a little scary…

The red balloon (Albert Lamorisse, 1956)


Do we recommend it? Two players (one is a boy, the other is filled with helium), the streets of Paris and little more than half an hour: whenever we see Red, globe remind you that to film a masterpiece not large budgets, nor large claims are needed.Regarded as one of the best short films in history, this great little movie is won the affection of spectators of all ages thanks to a history of friendship as exciting as grim reaper in words, and a finish that makes the hair stand on end. You can see it full on YouTube.

Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 (various directors, 1995, 1999 and 2010)


Why we recommend them? If you grew up with them, it does say so. If you need to explain it yourself, going beyond: the saga of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the Pixarteam not only signed three consecutive masterpieces (probably the least irregular serial ever filmed) and it became fashionable 3D animation for the remains, but they also calculated to imply the requirements of the public according to their age: advisethe first for children the second for boys and girls something more adults, and the third for when children are already at age reflect and take questions.

Ponyo on the cliff (H. Miyazaki, 2008)


Do we recommend it? Miyazaki is one of the largest, deserves that we include two of his films in this report. And Ponyo is the latest masterpiece with your signature (to date), we recommend viewing the children to enjoy the Sun, the beach and boats. And to everyone else, also: this story of friendship between the son of a marine and underwater girl is a highly original version of the Little Mermaid, and the example of how a movie can convey environmental messages without lecturing.

Novice witch (Robert Stevenson, 1971)


Do we recommend it? Robert Stevenson was the director of real image par excellence of the Disney factory, so his work deserves a place here. As the Sin have had chances to see Mary Poppins on TV more than once, we bet at least apparent and we recommend a film that charms the fledgling fans of Harry Potter: as torpona as friendly, the witch Angela Lansbury might well have been a member of the familyWeasley, say no more.

E.T. the extra-terrestrial (Steven Spielberg, 1982)


Do we recommend it? 30 years doing crying children and adults around the world are a plenty to recommend this awesome movie. The history of Elliott and his friend’s bright finger leads in Yes so many valuable lessons as moments of pure fantasy, and believe an injustice that a boy or girl can reach the age of acne without having learned to tell “Returns to the River, back to the forest”, “my house, phone” or “zero charisma!”. That not to mention air travel by bicycle, the interstellar transmitters made with toys or the hipidos of emotion before the final farewell.

Dark Crystal (Jim Henson, Frank Oz, 1982)

Do we recommend it? It is dark, Yes, but Save me seems to us more gloomy. Your fantastic argument (that continues to be that of a fairy tale) requires to follow him closely, but the same is said of The Lord of the rings and watch the kids as it is know from memory. And, in its day, was a commercial failure, which find us outrageous: the creators of The Muppets threw the rest in this as unclassifiable as great film, whose capacity to catch young viewers is the faith.

The Princess Bride (Rob Reiner, 1987)


Do we recommend it? Because it is simply magical. It is getting into the flour of the fantastic stories and remember the story of the legendary Pirate Roberts, ofButtercup, of Prince Humperdinck, Fezzick and Íñigo Montoya, major figures in a history that (despite be affixed in the rankings during the year of its release) is has been defending increasingly as a classic. Surely, the best possible introduction for the adventure film.

Monsters S.A. (P. Docter, D. Silverman, L. Unkrich, 2001)


Do we recommend it? Two movies (well, four in total) of the factory Pixar are always better than one, and jobs to put children in the Pocket this classic comes to or painted.In addition to a disarming tale of friendship and adventure, monsters S. À. It is a great antidote to fear darkness and night terrors: If, instead of a dark creature, the children know that Jake and Sulley, is hiding in your closet time miss them to go to bed early.

The boy (Charles Chaplin, 1921)


Do we recommend it? In little more than one hour (very long duration for the time), Chaplin invented what we now call ‘family film’ with this work pioneer. Proof of his talent is that the film continues to fascinate us, and that it is one of the best ways to start to the kids in the most classic film. It may the story of the Tramp and his adoptive son you seem something tear to put the children, but ignore us: in the end will be the children who bring the handkerchief so cry to taste.

The bear (Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1988)


Do we recommend it? It is clear that children are more identified with actors of his age, and that the animals most like. So why not sit next to them to see a film whose protagonist is a bear cub? With an exquisite touch, the director of the name of the rose directed a cast made up of Plantigrade, pumas, rodents and some human than another in this film, which is like a documentary about wildlife, but much more exciting and fun.

The war of the buttons (Yves Robert, 1962)


Do we recommend it? Our parents enjoyed it, then we were who we aim and now discover it to the new generation. Not only because this French movie is more fun, that is, but also because it is a satire against the war and their stupidity that deep at any age.

The Goonies (Richard Donner, 1985)


Do we recommend it? At this point, you have provided enough film to watch with your kids (or nephews, or the children of your friends, or…) during many school holidays.Thus, it seems correct to put an end to this small classic that does not lose force. Why?Maybe because, in addition to a history of adventures and a hilarious comedy, The Goonies is also a film about the last moments of childhood, which can serve as an appetizer to other works of the same character as count with me. Someone is targeted to find the treasure of Willy the one-eyed?


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